How much natural coloured powder to add?

That's a tricky question🧐 Because dealing with natural superfood coloured powders is every time a lottery for me🙈😂 

Before every new bake I usually have in mind a picture of a final coloured bread that I want to get. But in reality I can face some difficulties while achieving my dream result.

✅For sure my artist soul needs bright masterpieces every time❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 But bread is first of all food and should taste great👌🏻 In search of a bright and intense colour we can forget that adding a lot of superfood powder can lead to a very sharp or unusual taste of bread (though to get a pice of art with beautiful purple swirls is a great bonus too🥰).

✅Secondly, we should keep in mind that natural colour powders are made from veggies, fruits, berries, flowers etc. and are rich in enzymes which leads to faster fermentation process of the dough. Not all flours can develop very 💪 strong gluten strains that will be able to remain strong after being processed by sourdough starter + by the enzymes of added powders.

In such a way sometimes it's better to add less powder and make the colour not so intense but to save a good structure of the gluten and let it stay strong even after long cold retard. As a result the dough will still remain strong enough to burst in the oven and show us a beautiful airy crumb.

At what stage is it better to add superfood powders to the dough? Let's discuss it in the next post ( click here to open it) 😉