Hi my bread friends!

Thank you so much for your support and all your kind words you send me every day! It's a big pleasure for me to share my sourdough experience and knowledge with you on the pages of this website.

I do really appreciate that recently some of you decided to say "Thank you!" for the knowledge and recipes I share here and support my blog with financing. To tell the truth, it was a big surprise for me, cause I didn't plan to monetize my blog somehow))

But in any way, this page was created on your demand for such purpose. I'm so glad that the info I share here helps you in your sourdough journey!

I really like my blog's platform Vigbo, its design, how the blog works, the quality of all visual content, that we can use it without any advertisements. It's not free and any of your support will be spend as well for making this blog exist on this wonderful platform.

Thank you so much one more time, I do really appreciate it! And let's bake more beautiful and tasty bread together.