Purple sweet potato ciabatta

Actually it's my first attempt to bake ciabatta: biga +sourdough. Though I've already baked lots of things with high hydration ( more than 90%).

For sure it's not a classic ciabatta🤫 With my big love to extra water I added too much this time for ciabatta, the dough for it is supposed to be not so liquid, more like 80% hydration.💦

This dough is 95% hydration, it usually seems at first, that's impossible to handle it, to do coil folds with such a dough, but after frequent folds and with the help of a strong starter even such liquid dough becomes obedient, incorporates lots of air and starts to hold its shape👌💪

So my pink result is something between ciabatta and my favorite baking - Sergey Kirillov's "liapoun"😉

But a classic ciabatta will appear soon too!🙌🏻