A little bit of details of this bake: @molino_pasini panettone flour, I use it for pasta madre maintenance and for the dough. My advise to you, just don't waist your time and money, always use good Italian panettone flour for pasta madre maintenance and for the dough.

I did 2 warm refreshes this time, 1:2 and 1:1, the ph of the starter before mixing the dough was 4.11

The recipe.. you often ask about it, I still experiment with them, try different formulas, this time it was @thisisfromroy formula, you can find it in a wonderful book "Sourdough panettone and viennoiserie". But be ready, that you will probably have to adapt it to your PM. For this bake I personally took less water, more yolk, less butter for the 1st and the 2nd dough as well. 

1st dough tripled in 10h at 25°C. Only white chocolate for this bake, 500g mold. I wanted to make the dough more stiff, so added not so much extra water at the end of mixing. The 2nd dough was proofing at 28°C. Glazed it and started baking when it was 2 cm from the top of the mold. Baked it this time at 160°C.

I like how it appeared to be, the texture was fluffy, not too moisture, I had an issue during shaping, that's why it has some space inside, but all in all it's good!


All tools that I use for baking you can find here.