Golden flaxseed sourdough

It's a very yum bread, I added to it a small amount of unsalted butter, I really love doing it, it always makes bread softer, sweeter, the dough becomes so extensible. And for sure the taste and aroma are so creamy, one love🌾⠀


🔹100% bread flour
🔹20% sourdough starter
🔹2% salt

🔹4% sweet unsalted butter
💧82% water


If you don't know how to count baker's percentage, here you can find the article explaining to you all the steps. It's good to know it, cause very often bread recipes are mentioned as a formula with %, you just decide how many flour you take for a bake and count all other ingredients' amount using a certain recipe formula.

Here I used Bob's Red mill bread flour, without whole wheat flour adding, I wanted to get less sour bread, 82% hydration, a handful of dry golden flaxseeds, I prefer golden ones, as they are more nutty and don't smell specifically after baking as brown flaxseeds smell to me👌😉 ⠀



⏰ 1 h of autolyse in the fridge (only water+flour) then add starter - 30 min rest
⏰ then add salt, mix the dough for 5 min in a stand mixer.

⏱8 hours of a total bulk fermentation (lamination with flaxseeds + 2 coil folds every hour after the lamination). The dough have to rise up to 90% in a spy glass before shaping if you use the same flour and hydration.


No preshape, shaped as a batard, a warm retard for 20 min, then

❄️+ 12 hours of a cold retard 3-4°C (38 F°).


Baked in the dutch oven (20 min - the lid is closed at 450° F (230° С), 15 min without the lid 410° F (210° С), 10 min - oven is switched off).


A little bit of process you can find here.