Blue corn sourdough loaf

It's a creamy and very tender bread with small pieces of blue milled corn that look more purple than blue after milling. I used wonderful blue corn by @bartonspringsmill and soaked it for 1 hour in hot water. You can use any milled corn you prefer.

The dough after an overnight cold retard and already baked bread smelled so wonderful 🙌🏻

The ingredients:

✅340 g organic King Arthur bread flour
✅230 g water
✅60 g of soaked blue corn
✅8 g salt
✅80 g sourdough starter

⏰ 2 hours of autolyse in the fridge (only water+flour) then +starter + soaked corn + salt after 30 minutes

📍you decide how much water to add, it depends on the flour you use

📍for soaked corn you take ✅25 g of blue corn ✅40 g of hot water, cover the mixture and put it into the microwave for 1 min. Then leave it for 1 hour covered, don't forget to cool it before adding to the dough

⏱6,5 hours of total bulk fermentation (stretch&fold + lamination + 3 coil folds)

❇️No preshape this time, shaped as a batard
❇️A short warm retard for 20 min on the counter
❄️+ 12 hours of a cold retard at 3-4° C (38° F)

🔥Baked in the dutch oven:

5 min with closed lid 550° F (280° С)
20 min - the lid is still closed 450° F( 230° С)
15 min without the lid 410° F (210° С)⠀

Hope you will enjoy it!😉