Pink peppercorn focaccia

I wanted to try pink peppercorn for sourdough for a long time. I saw some bakers adding it to their bread, but decided that focaccia dough will be better for me and my kids to try pink peppercorn. Cause it was so easy for kids to take the peppercorns off the baked focaccia and just play with them)))


I really liked the taste of focaccia with pink peppercorn, cause this type of pepper has a very delicate taste, so together with olive oil and salt on top it was really yum.


This time the hydration of the dough was 90%, focaccia appeared to be so airy and light! That's how I like it, when it's lightweight, full of air and stays soft and fresh for several days.


The recipe: 

🔸250 g of strong bread flour
The amount of flour you take for the dough always goes as 100%, all other ingredients we count basing on your amount of flour.
🔸90% of water - 225g
🔸25% of sourdough starter - 62g

🔸2,5% salt - 6g
🔸6% light olive oil - 15g - for the dough during mixing
🔸0,5 g of instant dry yeast (1/4 of a tea spoon) for 250g of flour

🔸 1 handful of pink peppercorn

Dough handling:

Mixing time in a stand mixer at the 2nd speed - at least 15 min. Don't take all recipe water all at once, take 190-200g at first, then during the mixing you can add step by step the rest of water, and after 15 min mixing we add recipe olive oil and mix the dough 3 min more.


Proofing 2 h at 25-26° C (78° F), performing coil folds every 20-30 min. Then we put the dough into an oiled pan, stretch the dough a little bit and let it rest covered for 30 min. After the rest we add some good olive oil on top of the dough, deep in the fingers through out the whole surface of the dough, sprinkle pink peppercorn on top, and let it rest for 30 min more. You can also add a little bit of salt flakes on top of the dough.


Here you can find the video of dough handling


Then we bake our focaccia, put the pan with the dough on the baking stone that was preheated during 30 min at the oven's max temperature. If you don't have a baking stone, just put the pan on the rack in your oven. Bake focaccia for 15-20 min at 230 °C (445 °F) until it has a beautiful golden color.

Bon appétit!😉