Poppy seed and lemon zest sourdough bread

Creamy citrus taste, airy and tender bread crumb with tiny crunchy poppy seeds - that is so good! Really, you need to try it! Sourdough in this recipe is enriched with sugar and butter, the dough becomes so extensible with them, it's such a pleasure to work with it. And the crust of the baked bread is so crispy, has a very beautiful golden color thanks to sugar and butter. So here are the details:



🔹350 g of bread flour (Bob's Red Mill)

🔹80% hydration (280 g of water: you should decide by your flour how much water to add, the consistency is not very liquid)
🔹70 g of an active sourdough starter (100% hydration)
🔹7 g of salt

🔹8 g of sugar

🔹10 g of butter

🔹 grated zest from 1 lemon

🔹1 handful of dry poppy seeds


⏰ 1 h of autolyse in the fridge (just water+flour), then add starter and mix for 3 min in a stand mixer at a low speed - 30 min rest
⏰ then we add salt, sugar and mix the dough for 10 min more at 1-2 speed in the mixer until the dough is smooth and strong. If you knead it by hands, the total time of kneading is 20 min. Add butter and mix for 5 min more.

⏱ 8 hours of a total bulk fermentation at 25 °C (76 °F ):

lamination (with adding lemon zest and poppy seeds), then 3 coil folds every 1 hour. The dough had the rise of 90% in a spy glass before shaping. 


90% growth is ok for my flour and hydration, cause it's quite strong and the gluten was nicely developed. If your flour is weaker or the dough is more liquid, you can start shaping it at a 60-70% growth rate.


No preshape, shaped as a batard, a short warm retard in a proofing basket (the dough is covered with plastic wrap) for 10 min on the counter.

❄️ + 12 hours of a cold retard in the fridge at 3-4°C (38 F°).


Baked in the dutch oven (10 min with the closed lid 450° F (230° С), 15 min - the lid is still closed 420° F (215° С), 15 min without the lid 390° F (200° С).


I hope you will enjoy it!


All tools I use for baking you can find here.