Butterfly pea flower marble bread

Dry powder by @suncorefoods worked great. It's such a fun to play with colours)))

💧80 % hydration
🥛20% sourdough starter
🌾80% @kingarthurbaking organic bread flour
🌾20% @bobsredmill white whole wheat flour
🧂2% salt
💙 20 gr of butterfly pea powder for a half of the dough + 30 gr of extra water this time (📍you decide how much water to add, it depends on the flour you use, the consistency should be the same as for the white part of the dough😉)

⏰ 3 hours of autolyse in the fridge (only water+flour) then +starter + salt in 30 minutes
⏱7 hours of total bulk fermentation (stretch&fold + lamination of two parts of the dough together + 3 coil folds)


No preshape this time, shaped as a batard, a short 20 min retard, then

❄️+ 12 hours of a cold proof 3-4° C (38° F)

🔥Baked in the dutch oven (5 min with closed lid 500° F (260° С), 20 min - the lid is still closed 450° F (230° С), 15 min without the lid 410° F (210° С).