Black carrot preferment

It's also one way to add naturally coloured powders to bread dough, and I love this method. 

As most of coloured powders are made from dried veggie juice, they are full of sugars. These sugars are a quick and easy food for our yeast, so when we add such powders to our sourdough starter, yeast start growing faster and as a result the starter reaches its peak faster➡️ we get a not sour starter for our bread. 

Plus all wonderful extra aromas and tastes from naturally coloured powders👌 

Here I used a starter made from liquid apple yeast, it was growing a whole night and in the morning I mixed it with flour, black carrot powder and tangzhong to get such a beautiful preferment. It was ready in 2 h at 30°C (86° F). 

That's my favourite type of crumb, and my family loves it more, despite all our love to big and beautiful holes in bread😀 

It's tender, soft, the crust is thin and crispy. It appears to be like that, because liquid yeast are always more rich in yeast and has less lactic acid bacteria. This bread is a great compromise between yeast bread and sourdough.👌 

Here I used @bobsredmill bread flour and organic @kingarthurbaking bread flour, hydration is 78%, a little bit of sugar and butter, and for sure a beautiful preferment with a black carrot powder 💜 

The dough seemed to be not intense enough in colour, so I added a little bit of powder to the dough too. And here it is🙌  Black carrot powder is one of my most favorite ones, highly recommended to be added to your bread dough too😉👌 

The link to black carrot powder you can find here in TOOLS.