Lilac taro yam bread

This is a new experience for me using taro yum in bread. Thanks to @saimmonramalho who sent me a nice video about famous bright purple taro donuts, I couldn't stop myself from trying it😉 

I used @suncorefoods lilac taro yam powder, mixed 1,1/2 table spoon of powder with a small amount of water to prepare a paste for mixing it into the dough (for the dough I took 175 g of bread flour). The powder immediately turned into а taro puree, it looked very much the same as boiled purple sweet potato. 

The dough didn't appear to be intense purple in the very beginning, but became brighter during the whole process of fermentation of the dough.


I love the final result, taro yum didn't appear to be bright purple, but I like the colour, no specific extra smell or taste to the bread, so just what I needed.👌The only thing I would change is the way I performed the last coil fold, as I usually don't do a preshape, it influenced a lot a final shape of the bread. It could have been tighter and taller🧐

Bread flour - Organic central milling - 350g
Hydration - 78%
Starter at peak - 20%
Salt - 2% 

10 min mixing, lamination, 1 set of coil folds, shaping at a 70-80% rise in a spy-glass (you can read about it here), no preshape, an overnight retard, baked as usual🔥